Courage. Encouraged.

We’re privileged to see courage in action every day at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital. Whether it’s someone learning to walk after an injury, a child with autism discovering how to hug, or a stroke survivor saying their grandchild’s name, determination and strength is everywhere we look.

We see that same tenacity in the work done by the talented interdisciplinary teams that support patients as they strive for independence. The dedicated physicians, nurses and rehabilitation specialists who encourage patients to aim higher and try harder inspire the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation each day.

As our population ages and medical advancements allow people to survive accidents, illness and birth conditions that require complex care, the number of patients is expected to grow.

With donor support, the Glenrose Foundation is helping the hospital be ready for the future now. Contact us for list of priorities supporting children, adults and older adults.



The Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation was created specifically to enhance the exceptional care the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital delivers to patients. Our goal is to raise funds that fuel innovative research and education, as well as acquire advanced equipment and technology. Our investments – donor investments - give patients, their families and staff an array of tools to help them positively shape their futures.

Journeys of Courage

Your generosity is of tremendous benefit to the patients at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital.